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Chainalysis builds trust in blockchains between people, businesses and governments. Chainalysis designs and develops software that prevents, detects and investigates cryptocurrency money laundering, fraud and compliance violations. Chainalysis’ Blockchain Intelligence Platform powers its compliance and investigation software for the world’s top institutions.

Chainalysis Features
  • Start from anywhere — Have a ransom note with a cryptocurrency address? Have some plain text that contains cryptocurrency references? Paste it into Reactor and it will automatically find connected cryptocurrency wallets
  • Clear evidence — Document your investigation process in Reactor to provide a clear record of your findings. Evidence from Chainalysis has been used worldwide in courts
  • Automated pathfinding — Quickly find connections between different wallets that you are interested in and identify potential suspects in investigations
  • Cryptocurrency transaction monitoring — KYT (Know Your Transaction) is the only real-time transaction monitoring solution for cryptocurrencies. KYT raises real-time alerts on incoming and outgoing transactions for links to potentially suspicious activity
  • Live customer risk profiles — Compliance analysts get dynamically updated customer risk profiles with the most up to date information from the blockchain for periodic reviews
  • Powered by the best data — Chainalysis uses pattern recognition machine learning and millions of open source references to identify and categorize 1000’s of cryptocurrency services.
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Crypto donations amplify speed and global reach during crisis
3 weeks ago

Cryptocurrencies are proving useful in facilitating fast and unencumbered donations during crises, as recently seen during earthquake relief efforts in Turkey and Syria.

How Traceable Are Monero Transactions Compared To Bitcoin? Cybersecurity Expert Reveals
3 weeks ago

Bitcoin has always been known to be anonymous with its transactions, therefore, making it difficult to trace. But how difficult is it to trace a Bitcoin transaction compared to a Monero transaction? Cybersecurity author Andy Greenberg reveals this in an interview with prominent crypto journalist, Laura Shin. Using Alphabay, a market on the darknet, as […]

Russia-Ukraine war: How both sides of the conflict have used crypto to win
3 weeks ago

While tens of millions worth of crypto were donated to Ukraine in the last year, pro-Kremlin groups have also leveraged digital currencies to buy military supplies and spread propaganda.

Chainalysis Team
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CEO, Co-Founder
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CTO, Co-Founder
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COO, Co-Founder
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