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Binance’s CZ among experts to teach crypto at MasterClass
2 hours ago

Streaming platform MasterClass has announced a cryptocurrency and blockchain class that will be taught by some of the leading experts and personalities in the industry. A press release obtained by Invezz shows that one of the leading voices to teach the new class will be Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao, the founder and CEO of Binance. As […]

What’s that coming over the hill? Is it regulation?
2 hours ago

Published by City AM By Darren Parkin by Jason Tucker-Feltham, Head of Crypto Sales, IDnow The world of crypto was shaken to its foundations in November when FTX, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, dramatically filed for bankruptcy. Its boss, Sam Bankman-Fried, went from being the self-proclaimed ‘King of Crypto’ to tweeting his sorrow […]

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How long until all life on Earth dies?
4 days ago

We have less time than you might think.

There must be a singularity at each black hole’s center
4 days ago

We'll never be able to extract any information about what's inside a black hole's event horizon. Here's why a singularity is inevitable.

Why is half the Universe missing?
4 days ago

The answer to this question is key to understanding why anything exists.

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Ripple CTO shuts down XRP conspiracy theory from ChatGPT
3 days ago

An AI chatbot alleged Ripple can secretly control its blockchain through an undisclosed backdoor in the network's code and has been ridiculed by the firm's CTO.

The Path To A Bitcoin Economy: Decentralized Bitcoin-Backed Credit
3 days ago

Bitcoin-backed credit built with DeFi represents a stronger and more practical vision of "bitcoin free banking" originally described in 2010 by Hal Finney.

LandX Launches LNDX Token on Testnet
4 days ago

Duba, UAE, 6th December, 2022, ChainwireToday, LandX has deployed smart contracts for the final stage of the LandX testnet launch. The “Dress Rehearsal” testnet went live on Ethereum’s Goerli network. The testnet token launch will take place from the 7th December 2022 and will be conducted in four stages: Stage 1 - 7th Dec 2022 - LNDX Launch For Omega Farmers (Discord Group) Stage 2 - 10th Dec 2022 - LNDX Launch For Alpha Farmers (Discord Group) Stage 3 - 13th Dec 2022 - LNDX Launch For Whitelisted addresses  Stage 4 - 16th Dec 2022 - LNDX Launch on Uniswap Decentralized Exchange Allocations are limited and will be made on a first come first serve basis. The final stage of the testnet will be very similar in functionality to the mainnet deployment. Following the testnet token launch, the trading competition will go live. From the 16th of December, investors will be able to compete for thousands of dollars in prizes. The top ten investors that gain the most from an ROI perspective will earn cash prizes (full terms to be confirmed at launch). To participate in the testnet users are welcome to use the testnet USDC faucet at to get an allocation of USDC to trade and stake LandX testnet products. Note that testnet funds do not hold value and are used for testing purposes only. There are more detailed instructions on how to set up your digital asset wallet and interact with the token generation event on LandX blog at: The LandX team is grateful to the community for their support and feedback as the project moves into this final “dress rehearsal” stage before the mainnet launch. About LandX Finance LandX  - The Perpetual Commodity Vaults Protocol will be launched on the Ethereum Blockchain. Commodity Vaults provide investors with a potentially inflation-hedged return backed by a legal contract secured on underlying farmland. LandX makes commodity vaults available as a liquid digital asset - xTokens, offering uncorrelated diversification for on-chain investors. LandX mainnet products are not available in certain jurisdictions, including the US. For more information about LandX visit or follow on Twitter

Helium (HNT) and Decred (DCR) Struggle to Stave Off New Presale Sensation Snowfall Protocol (SNW)
4 days ago

Helium (HNT) and Decred (DCR) holders are getting drawn to the new presale star – Snowfall Protocol (SNW). The reasons aren’t far-fetched. Snowfall Protocol (SNW), launched a few weeks back, represents fresh air in a crypto atmosphere running short of enthusiasm, a benefit that Helium (HNT) and Decred (DCR) users are searching for. As the […]

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Nexo leaving US, says country lacks clear regulations
4 days ago

The crypto lending platform says it will no longer accept new registrations, and operations for existing customers will eventually be wound down.

Usdc issuer circle calls off $9,000,000,000 deal to go public: report
4 days ago

The firm behind the second largest stablecoin by market cap is backing out of a...

Breaking: Crypto Lending Giant Nexo To Suspend U.S. Operations
4 days ago

On Dec 5, crypto lender Nexo announced that it would discontinue operations in the United States within the next few months. The company specifically mentioned that it would immediately cut off access to its “Earn Interest Product” in eight U.S. states and is no longer allowing new registrations for its Earn product. Regulator Discussion Hits The post Breaking: Crypto Lending Giant Nexo To Suspend U.S. Operations appeared first on CoinGape.

Warren Buffett Explains His Hate for Bitcoin
4 days ago

Bitcoin has had its worst year to date, and Warren Buffett – the billionaire investor and CEO behind real estate giant Berkshire Hathaway – is laughing in all our faces right about now. Warren Buffett Really Hates Bitcoin Buffett has never supported bitcoin. In fact, he’s said some rather negative things about it. Discussing crypto... The post Warren Buffett Explains His Hate for Bitcoin appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.

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For First Time Ever, Bitcoin Hash Ribbon Golden Cross Has Failed
4 days ago

On-chain data shows the Bitcoin Hash Ribbon golden cross has failed to provide an uplift to the price for the first time ever. Bitcoin Hash Ribbons Have Recently Formed A...

Billionaire Tim Draper Predicts Incoming 1,370% Bitcoin (BTC) Rally – Here’s His Timeline
4 days ago

Venture capitalist Tim Draper is doubling down on a prediction that Bitcoin (BTC) goes on...

Why Chiliz Is Losing Heat Despite World Cup Pomp; CHZ Down Over 30%
4 days ago

Since the beginning of the 2022 2FIFA World Cup, the value of Chiliz native token has plummeted. Due to the discovery of various issues, the sporting event has been met...

Crypto DeFi platforms reduce risk as Fidelity, Brazil and Stripe help push adoption
4 days ago

Published by City AM By Darren Parkin Data from CryptoCompare shows that the price of Bitcoin moved up steadily throughout this past week, from around $16,000 seven days ago to now trade at around $17,300. The cryptocurrency moved up as the market is seemingly stabilizing. Ethereum’s Ether, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, traded in […]

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Rumors of a new native 'Twitter Coin' emerge while Dogecoiners remain hopeful
3 days ago

Online tech sleuths claim to have uncovered a secret new project on Twitter, which is being referred to as "Twitter Coin."

Audit firm Mazars to verify KuCoin’s proof of reserves
4 days ago

Mazars, the former accounting firm for Donald Trump’s companies, was hired recently to audit Binance’s PoR.

Elon Musk’s Twitter Lifts Ban From Over A Dozen Dogecoin-tweeting Accounts
4 days ago
Twitter boss Elon Musk has been working enough to bring some Twitter accounts back to life, which he thinks were unfairly banned by the previous Twitter administration. More than a dozen Dogecoin tweeting accounts were brought to life over the last weekend. Sharing his concern about the banned accounts, dogecoin founder Billy Markus tweeted: “A The post Elon Musk’s Twitter Lifts Ban From Over A Dozen Dogecoin-tweeting Accounts appeared first on CoinGape.

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Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital to acquire Celsius' GK8 in bankruptcy garage sale
4 days ago

The self-custody platform was acquired by Celsius in 2021 for $115 million and is now set to change hands, pending approvals.

FTX-backed DEX Serum becomes ‘defunct’
1 weeks ago

Cryptocurrency news since the collapse of FTX earlier this month has featured more and more on the impact of the implosion on other businesses. As we reported earlier today, crypto lender BlockFi filed for bankruptcy, with FTX’s collapse the main factor behind it. And now, decentralised crypto exchange Serum – which is one of the […]