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Robinhood and GameStop proved we need a new financial system
3 hours ago

It’s time to shine for DeFi, as the old financial system has rotted and degenerated and has been the main villain amid the GameStop saga.

Bill Miller’s Fund To Allocate $300 Million To Grayscale Bitcoin Trust
9 hours ago

Miller Opportunity Trust, a hedge fund run by American investor and fund manager, Bill Miller has filed a document with SEC that reveals its intention to invest in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust.

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You Musk be joking: Is Elon just messing with us over DOGE?
cnbc twitter tesla
3 hours ago

Is Elon Musk just trolling the cryptocurrency community with his support of Dogecoin?

Snoop Dogg and Gene Simmons join Elon's Musk's 'Dogecoin army'
4 hours ago

DOGE is rallying once again after Elon Musk, Snoop Dogg, and Gene Simmons tweet Doge Army memes.

Crypto-friendly faces poised for positions in Biden administration
5 hours ago

The crypto industry appears to be abuzz with potential, given confirmed and possible appointments in the Biden administration.

U.S. Navy Couple Allegedly Sold 9,000 Stolen Identities for $BTC
bitcoin btc
20 hours ago

A California couple has been charged for the alleged illegal sale of more than 9,000 stolen identities in exchange for Bitcoin.  According to a report from NBC Los Angeles published on Tuesday (February 2), Natasha Chalk and her husband Marquis Hooper, both Navy veterans, leveraged their status with the military to access personal information belonging […]

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With Web 3.0, users will not only own their data, but they will also be able to own and govern the platform their data is generated from.

How China could win 2021’s space race and take Mars as its prize
7 hours ago

Looking at its achievements over the past decade, nobody would doubt China is aiming to win the new space race. Not only has it been the only country to land on the Moon in about 40 years, and the first to soft-land on its far side, it has also planted a flag on lunar soil and brought samples back to Earth. The race between several nations and private companies, however, is far from over. China is now approaching Mars with its Tianwen-1 mission, due to arrive on February 10. A successful insertion into orbit – the rover won’t land until… This story continues at The Next Web

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SUSHI Will Now Be Supported On Bitgo’s Custodial And Non-Custodial Wallets
6 hours ago

SushiSwap (SUSHI) announced that it will now be supported on BitGo’s custodial and non-custodial wallets. The latter announced the partnership through its official block, saying: “We are very excited to announce BitGo’s support for SUSHI in our custodial and non-custodial wallets and we are looking forward to expanding our collaborations with the SushiSwap community.” SushiSwap Consistency Following Chef Nomi Debacle Is Key Sushiswap is a fully decentralized on-chain protocol for exchanging tokens through automated market-making (AMM), which uses 'liquidity pools' rather than an orderbook. As of writing, it has over $3 billion locked up in its contracts, as per DeFi Pulse. In the beginning, SushiSwap faced a lot of flak for forking from the UniSwap protocol and founder, Chef Nomi, exiting the project. However, since then, the project has been excellent and is delivering on a pretty ambitious roadmap. Plus, it has also managed to build a pretty solid community. “SushiSwap received a fair bit of criticism at the onset of the project for having launched a forked version of the ecosystem’s largest AMM. Through inclusivity and a community driven approach, SushiSwap has since charted its own trajectory — evolving far beyond the initial fork and product. The SushiSwap team put forth an ambitious roadmap last fall and has continued to show consistency and resiliency in delivering it. SushiSwap is nearing the much anticipated launch of BentoBox, the Sushi ecosystem’s isolated pair lending solution. Just recently, the SushiSwap team also kickstarted a launchpad program aimed at token listings dubbed MISO.” SushiSwap’s Partnership With Yearn Adds Further Credibility In December 2020, SushiSwap made a significant partnership with Yearn Finance, described as a “strategic merger.” Yearn founder and DeFi rockstar Andre Cronje also praised the way Sushi bounced back from its growing pains: “I had been outspoken in the past about the things that Sushiswap did wrong, but I cannot overstate how much they have done right. In the past weeks of interacting with 0xMaki I have developed immense respect for their character, their capabilities, and their execution.” In its post, BitGo noted that this partnership has been critical for the whole DeFi space's growth. “The relationship between the projects is very synergistic and focuses on deepening the integration between SushiSwap’s AMM pools and Yearn’s yield maximizing strategies and a continued roadmap of collaborative products. We are very much excited about the growth of both of these projects and the flourishing of the whole DeFi space.” Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

Cardano (ADA) Jumps 25%, Overtake’s Ripple’s XRP As The Fourth-Biggest Cryptocurrency
7 hours ago

Cardano’s ADA is now the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap dethroning Ripple’s XRP. Today, the ADA price has surged a massive 25% and is currently at $0.66 with a market cap of $20.9 billion. Over the last week, Cardno’s ADA price has surged a massive 90% pushing it within the top five crypto ranks. Interestingly, The post Cardano (ADA) Jumps 25%, Overtake’s Ripple’s XRP As The Fourth-Biggest Cryptocurrency appeared first on Coingape.

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SUSHI Price Analysis: SUSHIUSD Accumulation Phase Leading to a Strong Price Action Parabolic Curve – Swing High Key Objective
tradingview defi
4 hours ago

Evident Accumulation Phase Daily S/R Flip Continuation Bullish Order Block Support RSI Bullish Control Zone SUSHIUSDT’s current Market Structure is deemed extremely Bullish with consecutive Higher Highs and Higher Lows. Trading in a parabolic fashion, the current Swing High has become a key objective for a trend continuation. The current Price Action is trading at The post SUSHI Price Analysis: SUSHIUSD Accumulation Phase Leading to a Strong Price Action Parabolic Curve – Swing High Key Objective appeared first on Coingape.

BNBUSDT Price Action Discovery With a Strong Bullish Volatility Expansion
5 hours ago

Weekly S/R Zone Bullish Retest Price Action Discovery Mode Strong Bullish Volatility New All-Time High Established BNBUSDT’s, currently is trading in a Blue-Sky Breakout with a weekly candle close coming to fruition. The close will greatly dictate the overall direction in the immediate short term, as of current, the objective is the Swing High (All The post BNBUSDT Price Action Discovery With a Strong Bullish Volatility Expansion appeared first on Coingape.

Will cryptocurrency reign the record breaking run in 2021
6 hours ago

Yes, we are discussing the rocketing price of bitcoins in the past year. How drastic the change was, right? It has also made more people show interest in bitcoins and Cryptocurrency. The increase has reached almost ten-fold since last year. We know that this is record-breaking. The reasons for this rise could account for the […] Post source: Will cryptocurrency reign the record breaking run in 2021 More Bitcoin News and Cryptocurrency News on

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By following the outflows towards gold-tracking ETFs and the massive inflows towards GBTC, Bloomberg strategists suggested more gains for bitcoin.

Are GameStop-Style Surges In Crypto Any Different From Old Pumps & Dumps?
9 hours ago

Source: Adobe/epic_images The biggest financial craze of the first month of 2021 was neither bitcoin (BTC) nor any other cryptoasset. It’s GameStop (GME), or rather the anti-short collective buying that has emerged around this stock of a troubled US company and other heavily shorted securities. In banding together via Reddit subreddit r/wallstreetbets (WSB) and other social forums, individual

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German Fraudster Refuses to Give Police Passwords to $60M Bitcoin Wallet
bitcoin btc ripple
6 hours ago

German authorities have seized a Bitcoin wallet containing 1,700 BTC, valued at approximately $60 million at the current price. However,...

$60 million in Bitcoin seized by German police…but no one gave them the private key
19 hours ago

We offer our users various software tools to enhance their trading approach and supplement their overall success.

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SushiSwap, a popular DEX protocol was at the receiving end of what many called another Rug Pull attack, via Badger DAO token DIGG. The transaction that caught everyone’s eye was attempting to convert 0.05% of the DIGG/WBTC swap fees (for ~24hrs) through a DIGG/ETH pool with little liquidity and suffering high slippage, resulting in outsized The post SushiSwap Falls Prey to ‘Scavanger’ Attack as Hacker Turns 0.001 ETH to 81.68 ETH appeared first on Coingape.

Tor Project’s crypto donations increased 23% in 2020
12 hours ago

Bitcoin remained the most popular cryptocurrency for the Tor Project’s donors in 2020, followed by altcoins like Ether, Monero and Zcash.

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This 18-course, 132-hour mega-bundle can turn you into an ethical hacker
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5 hours ago

TLDR: The All-In-One 2021 Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle is a complete cybersecurity education, featuring 132 hours of intensive instruction to become a top-flight white hat hacker.  If you grew up in the 1980’s, you lived with constant fear that simmering tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union might one day lead to nuclear armageddon. Today, even with the Soviet Union gone, there’s still fear and anxiety about US-Russia relations.  But even though the bombs still exist, there’s a far greater likelihood that a conflict between those world powers today wouldn’t happen with missiles being fired. It would happen… This story continues at The Next Web

Coventry will host the ‘world’s smallest airport’ for autonomous drones
3 hours ago

This article was originally published by Christopher Carey on Cities Today, the leading news platform on urban mobility and innovation, reaching an international audience of city leaders. For the latest updates follow Cities Today on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, or sign up for Cities Today News. Coventry is set to host what has been dubbed “the world’s smallest electric airport” for autonomous aerial mobility. The project – which was awarded £1.2 million (US $1.64 million) through the UK government’s Future Flight Challenge – is being developed by tech startup Urban-Air Port with support from Hyundai, and will test how electric vertical take-off and landing… This story continues at The Next Web

What Elon Musk said about Bitcoin during today’s packed Clubhouse event
13 hours ago

BitBox is a minimalist plug-and-play hardware wallet that allows you to store, spend and receive cryptocurrencies.

Want to drive a hydrogen EV in the US? Move to California
6 hours ago

A new partnership between future fuel firms, PowerTap Hydrogen Fuelling and the Andretti Group, could be bringing 100 new hydrogen filling pumps to gas stations across the US. The deal, announced earlier today, will begin by fitting hydrogen pumps to 39 Andretti-owned filling stations in California. So, that sucks if you don’t live in California and want to get a hydrogen car. Once these 39 locations are complete, other Andretti locations across the rest of the US will be retrofitted with the company’s hydrogen dispensing pumps. PowerTap Hydrogen has ambitions to install more than 500 hydrogen filling stations across the… This story continues at The Next Web

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The coronavirus pandemic has had us spend more time on our phones. Last year gave birth to doomscrolling and it was hard to take your eyes off the screen. Now a new app called Opal has a novel approach to disconnecting your apps from the internet to help you save some time from mindless hours of browsing. The iOS app uses a custom VPN to manage all these connections. So, once you start a session on Opal, you’d be able to open the app, but you won’t be able to refresh your feed. This is an interesting approach, and it kinda… This story continues at The Next Web

Marathon Patent Group Acquires 4,813 BTC Worth $150 Million
22 hours ago

On the 25th of January, Marathon Patent Group announced that the company had acquired about 4,813 Bitcoin as part of the company’s treasury funds. The purchased BTC is worth about $150 million. The company’s CEO, Merrick Okamoto, commented on the acquisition. He said: “By leveraging out cash on hand to invest in bitcoin now, we […] The post Marathon Patent Group Acquires 4,813 BTC Worth $150 Million appeared first on Latest Crypto News.