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Xpring Platform is the open platform for money that provides tools, services and programs that make it easy for developers to integrate payments into their applications. The Xpring Platform builds on open source core technologies that allow for sending and receiving real time payments in any currency. Xpring is a product of Ripple.

Xpring Services
  • Xpring SDK: XRP LEDGER – Start building with language-specific libraries
  • Network Explorer: XRP LEDGER – Browse XRP/ILP networks
  • Network Status: INTERLEDGER – See the status of XRP/ILP networks
  • XRP Testnet: XRP LEDGER – Test apps with the current version of XRP Ledger
  • XRP Devnet: XRP LEDGER – Test features of the next version of XRP Ledger
  • ILP Testnet: INTERLEDGER – Test your apps on the latest version of ILP.
Xpring Features
  • XRP Ledger (XRPL) – Open. Decentralized. Controlled by no one and executing transactions in under 5 seconds. Home to XRP the ultimate bridge currency
  • Interledger (ILP) – The open payment protocol to unite the fragmented world of payments. Interoperable across any currency – fiat and crypto. Like TCP/IP for money
  • Web Monetization – An open standard for paying for media. A new business model for content on the web as an alternative to ads and subscriptions.
Xpring Assets