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Visit The Guatemalan Lake Town Mining Bitcoin With Used Cooking Oil
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12 hours ago

Inspired by El Salvador’s Bitcoin Beach, a town in Guatemala is focused on cleaning its lake by diverting used cooking oil to bitcoin miners.

Where Did Ethereum Miners Migrate To Post Merge?
21 hours ago

With Ethereum successfully transitioning to the proof of stake consensus, the miners had to look for alternate options. The Ethereum developers had for a long time suggested miners migrate to other proof of work projects like Ethereum Classic. Prior to the Merge, there was reasonable social activity around proof of work based blockchain networks. On The post Where Did Ethereum Miners Migrate To Post Merge? appeared first on CoinGape.

New $1M ad campaign against Bitcoin mining after Ethereum’s Merge
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20 hours ago

Climate groups want Bitcoin to follow Ethereum into switching from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. The groups have announced a new $1 million ad campaign targeted at pressuring Bitcoin and companies like Fidelity, PayPal and Jack Dorsey’s Block to help push the agenda. Bitcoiners already scoffed at the calls when the campaign “Change the Code, […]

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One of the most covered criticisms of Ethereum since its creation in 2015 has been its mammoth energy usage. While not as heavy as Bitcoin, it nonetheless consumes 0.2% of the world’s electricity, and is responsible for between 20% and 39% of cryptocurrency’s electricity consumption as a whole (Bitcoin claims between 60% and 70%). Now […]