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nChain is a blockchain research and development firm. nChain’s mission is to ignite global adoption and enterprise-level usage of Bitcoin. Its R&D professionals are working to expand both the short- and long-term capabilities of the Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency and network.

nChain Services
  • Research into near-term opportunities to expand and massively scale the Bitcoin SV network (including optimisation opportunities for nodes to handle increased block size and transaction flow in a fully resilient manner);
  • Research into medium and long-term advancements on the Bitcoin SV blockchain (including techniques for smart contracts, tokenising assets, and increased privacy);
  • Development of Bitcoin SV products and applications, enabling others to benefit from nChain’s insights and improvements; and
  • Consulting with other enterprises to help them actively develop applications and products from nChain’s research.
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nChain Team
Jimmy Nguyen
Chair, Strategic Advisory Board (ex-CEO)
Craig Wright
Chief Scientist
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