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The TIE is a leading provider of alternative data for digital assets. They offer trusted and transparent data solutions powering cryptocurrency institutional investors and other major market participants.

One of their premier products, Crypto SigDev™, parses through over 1,000 sources in real-time, including exchange announcements, court cases, Chinese publications, token issuer blogs, regulatory rulings, and more. It enables market participants to stay on top of the most critical and market-moving events in digital assets.

The TIE’s sentiment feed, developed in an exclusive partnership with Social Market Analytics, is the only sentiment product in crypto leveraging access to the Twitter Firehose. Using patented technology, The TIE quantifies investor perceptions on hundreds of digital assets, producing actionable intelligence for quantitative hedge funds and other financial firms.

The TIE Features
  • Access: The TIE is the only digital asset company with access to the full stream of 850 million tweets per day leveraging SMA’s exclusive partnership with Twitter
  • Intelligent: Our natural language processor handles 83 overlapping tickers to distinguish between cryptocurrency and equity tweets
  • Deep history: The TIE has out-of-sample Twitter data on cryptocurrencies going back to July 2017
  • Comprehensive: Coverage on over 450 of the largest cryptocurrencies
  • Lightning fast: Tweets are scored and sentiment metrics are delivered via API within 1/3rd of a second
  • Quantified: Each word in each tweet is individually scored using a proprietary natural language processor leveraging machine learning technology developed over the last 7 years. The scores of each word are aggregated and each individual tweet is given a score. Tweet scores are aggregated at an individual coin level and sentiment scores are generated. Over 20 unique sentiment metrics are deliverable via API
  • Optimized: The TIE has built on top of SMA’s existing infrastructure to optimize topic models for digital assets.
The TIE Team
Joshua Frank
Chief Executive Officer
Eric Frank
Executive Chairman
Ben Latz
Director of Product
Joseph Gits
Syed Ehtsham Abbas
Principal Software Developer
Shabbir ul Hassan
Senior Software Developer
Junaid Rasheed
Software Developer
Amir Bilal
Project Manager