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MVP Workshop is a blockchain product research and development studio driven by exploration of disruptive technologies and their application in real-life scenarios.

MVP Workshop Services
  • DEFINE – Product Discovery and Definition . Starting with holistic idea validation and problem scoping we will go through each of the phases in order to properly define your product and ensure an optimal base for future full-scale development while taking great care to facilitate your overall business goals
  • BUILD –  Product Development. After forming a team which is dedicated solely to your project we will cover the development of all the necessary elements of a successful market-ready product while focusing on technical optimization end-user adoption-friendly design principles and ensuring alignment with your long-term business plan and goals
  • GROW – Ongoing product improvement and development . As your MVP is hitting the market and gaining traction your development team will be focusing on full feature set development as well as expanding the tracks and resources needed for long-term product scalability
  • TRAINING AND CONSULTING – Knowledge Transfer . In certain cases the thing you might need or want more than our development services is our knowledge. That is why we also offer specialized training courses either remote or on-premise such as Business Decentralization Framework or Tokenization and Token Design. But honestly we can do (almost) anything when it comes to blockchain.
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MVP Workshop Team
Ivan Bjelajac
CEO & Co-Founder
Mališa Pušonja
Chief Technical Officer
Antun Debak
Chief Product Officer
Nikola Gavrilović
Chief Financial Officer
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