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ARYZE is a team of entrepreneurs, former bankers, marketing specialists and developers, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. They bridge the gap between conventional money and digital currencies by creating a true digital representation of cash. ARYZE aims to provide payment infrastructure that enables individuals, businesses, and IOT devices to make instant payments globally in a modular ecosystem.

ARYZE Features
  • Built on distributed ledger technology
  • Zero transaction fees, and affordable currency exchange services
  • Programmable money transfers, enabled by Smart contracts
  • Digital Cash backed by government risk
  • Enabling global commerce with an extensive financial solution designed for businesses
  • Consumer app with support for crypto and FIAT currencies
Jack Nikogosian
Founder & CEO
Morten Nielsen
Co-founder & CFO
Carl Jenster
Co-founder & Community Manager
Jodi Usama Husain
IT & Business Development
Michaela Hendrickson
Brand Manager