86 Stories To Learn About Payments

86 Stories To Learn About Payments
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In early March, 2020, my business partner would send texts daily about how travel was getting crushed. Every day I would check our numbers and still see growth of 100% YOY with minor drops and dips and then growth again.  We were trending with our projected growth. Then, March 15 (the ides of March) hit and our sales plummeted, down -55%. By March 21 sales were down -87.5%.  We were getting crushed. I can share these specific numbers because Stripe has a great UI and it is super simple to grab this data. Stripe makes looking at numbers simple, and it makes setting up a PCI compliant payment processor super easy for dev teams.  Stripe makes themselves sticky. So sticky that they can try to pull what comes next.

2. How Far Away Are We From a Completely Cashless Society?

COVID19 has (hopefully) shown us just how dangerous the unseen can be. It’s also made us much more aware of the potential effects of a cough, a handshake, an itchy nose, and even a ten pound note or a pound coin and their ability to spread viruses and other nasty things. There was even a rush to disinfect cash in Asia after the initial outbreak of COVID19. Some banknotes last up to fifteen years, and research shows are passed between up around 600 people every 3 years.

3. Lazerpay: An African Decentralised Dream

African startup called Lazerpay is the blockchain and web3 solution to Africans banking problems since colonisation. They are a decentralised finance company.

4. Introducing DChat - Decentralized Chat for All

Messaging is a core feature of the internet. It was described as the internet’s killer app. It enabled anyone to communicate with anyone else in the world instantly, and for free. Billions of people chat every day.

5. How Mobile App Developers Can Save Millions on App Store Fees

Mobile app developers can now save millions on app store fees by using alternative payment channels.

In the past few years, Southeast Asia has become a leader in the financial revolution. As a region with a dynamic economy, Southeast Asia presents an excellent opportunity for digital payment services, such as e-wallet and internet banking solutions to prosper.

7. Ripple Is Orders Of Magnitude Better Than SWIFT GPI and Correspondent Banking Protocols

ripple vs sec might go on for a few months or years but there is no denying the wonder that is the ripple infrastructure in comparison to swift gpi

8. Effects Of Video Game Piracy

What Exactly Is The Meaning Of Video Game Piracy?

9. How To Setup Shopify`s Billing API

One of the most common mistakes of beginning Shopify app developers is to assume that the Shopify app store will handle pricing and billing for them. Learn how to add billing code to your app to prevent selling it for free.

10. 6 Ways The Internet of Value Can Benefit the World Economy

The Internet of Value is a concept proposed by Ripple which envisions a world where value moves and is exchanged like information is exchanged today...

11. What's The Deal with Cryptocurrency Payments?

The New Frontier for the Cryptocurrency Industry

A research conducted jointly by consultancy firm Capgemini and BNP Paribas Bank states that the total volume of digital payments is estimated to reach 726 billion transactions by 2020. With crypto acceptance still at a humble 2%, the share of cryptocurrencies in the global digital payments pie is relatively small, albeit growing.

12. How To Connect Avalara’s AvaTax with Stripe Subscriptions

It’s supposed to be easy. Eventually, it is.

13. Why Doesn't Nike Accept Cryptocurrency Payments?

Over the past 3 years, it’s become apparent that cryptocurrency payments are becoming increasingly popular, particularly peer to peer and in developing countries. What’s just as obvious though, is that big and small merchants alike, understandably don’t want to deal with two key hurdles of accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method: Volatility & Security.

14. Here's What DeFi-led Future of Crypto Payments And Escrow Will Look Like

Back in 2015, the launch of Ethereum heralded a brand new day in the world of cryptocurrencies. It wasn't because people believed that it would displace Bitcoin as the dominant cryptocurrency. It was because of the major advances that the Ethereum blockchain introduced to the industry.

15. Introducing Bankera: Bank Account Alternative Focused on Crypto Businesses

Bankera, an ambitious project to build a neobank for the digital era, has started to offer payment accounts to individual and business clients as a low-cost, fast and convenient alternative to traditional bank accounts. Individual and business clients who sign up to the service can already enjoy dedicated European IBAN accounts to send and receive funds via SEPA and SWIFT transfers. All clients can send and receive funds from cryptocurrency exchanges.

16. Making Crypto Payments Less Scary

Have you ever spent 30 minutes checking and double-checking before sending a cryptocurrency payment? What about sending a small test transaction just to ensure that you’re sending it to the right person?

17. Crypto-Streaming is the Web3 Way of Wage-Keeping and it is Better Than You Imagine

Crypto streaming digital assets is hugely efficient and enables a new generation of decentralized finance options to flourish.

18. How to hack the hackers: the hands-on case

The hands-on case of how not to get caught into the fraud scheme on the marketplace. Technical details and payment security recommendations.

19. Cryptocurrency Technology Provides a Higher Level of Security Compared to Widespread Credit Cards

This article talks about crypto, blockchain and DeFi solutions.

20. 6 Websites Where You Can Pay With Bitcoin (BTC)

Cryptocurrency no longer seems to be something distant: let's start talking more about how such "virtual" money can be used in real life.

21. Startup Interview with Kate L, NOWPayments Senior Marketing Manager

NowPayments is a crypto payment gateway that lets you accept payments in 100 cryptocurrencies.

22. Funding the Next Million Public Software Contributors

Funding the next million open source contributors with payment plans as code and micropayments.

Surviving the Pandemic: the Top 5 Fintech Payment Trends of 2021

24. Bitcoin and Ethereum Were Never Meant to be a Medium of Exchange

Bitcoin and Ethereum have been around for many years - in almost ten years Bitcoin came a long way from digital money for geeks and a token for drug dealers to a billion-dollar asset.

25. The Vulnerabilities of NFC Payments Need to be Addressed

Even though NFC appears to be so easy and convenient, it is not without its vulnerabilities, especially in regards to security.

26. Google Pay’s 2020 Diwali Campaign Is The Marketing Campaign You Need To Learn From


27. The Collapse of FTX and Its Impact on Crypto Payments

Contending with a series of scandals and bankruptcies, 2022 marked one of the biggest market collapses.

28. Offshore Credit Card Processing: What Are the Most Common Mistakes People Make?

What are the most common mistakes that people make in off shore credit card processing? Did they read the terms and conditions? Have they seen any hidden fees?

29. Understanding Stablecoins and DAG with Stella Dyer

Millicent is a government-backed first-mover stablecoin. Founder Stella Dyer founded the company after growing up in the UK as a refugee from the Biafran War.

30. Multi-domain Automation Testing With Cypress

As of Cypress v12.0.0, Cypress officially provides its users with the opportunity to run multiple domains in one test with cy.origin() and manage pop-up windows

31. The Crypto Rises: The Future of Moving Money

SWIFT payments are a broken system that help financial institutions at the expense of users but they will soon be disrupted with the help of cryptocurrency,

32. What Blockchain to use for a DeFi Application?

The whole fintech industry is built around the interactions of various institutions. Fintech products can be as advanced and complex as you want them to be; they can solve essential problems for their customers, but in the end, the focal point is always some bank happily sitting on money. Thus, centralized finances are the banks and their subsidiaries. Many things in fintech are controlled by bureaucrats and most fintech apps function only because they are allowed to.

33. How Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Is Bringing E-Commerce into the AI Era

AI is an extremely beneficial technology for business. Buy now pay later (BNPL) is an emerging form of e-commerce that shows exactly why this is true.

34. Crypto Paychecks and Cashback for All

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has higher returns and interest rates than typical banks and savings accounts. When lending on platforms like Aave and Yearn.Finance, users may earn 5, 10, or even 15% higher rates than their traditional savings account counterparts. While these are fantastic options, the reality is that DeFi is inaccessible to many.

35. Overloaded "Online vs Offline" in EMV Card Processing

When EMV card processing is discussed, one confusing usage of terminology is Online vs Offline. They mean different things in different context.

36. How Web Push Provisioning Can Be Used

Digital wallets and tokenization have been popular among FinTechs and developers for several years.

37. How Buy Now, Pay Later Can Help You Hack Your Budget

For most people, the budget offered by BNPL is easy to stick to and offers a less stressful way to give their furry friends the treatment they deserve.

38. Is Payoneer Safe Again? - Payoneer Avengers vs. Wirecard Thanos

How long has it been since you last used your Payoneer card? Perhaps, like many others around the world, you are wondering whether Payoneer is safe to use again.

39. In California, Your Face Can Be Your Credit Card

Whether you are craving a burger or Chinese food tonight, there is no need to reach for your wallet or phone to buy it. Food vendors in California are embracing facial recognition?—?technology that lets you pay with a smile.

40. As Stablecoins Rise in Popularity, How Can It Benefit Traditional Payments?

The rising popularity of stablecoins has often been highlighted as an indication of the growing adoption of blockchain technology. With projects such as Facebook’s Project Libra and JPMorgan’s JPMCoin, it is clear that even large corporations from beyond the blockchain space are seeking to partake in this growing trend.

41. "A Global Currency Without National Boundaries Needs A Global Payments Solution" - Steven Parker

For a while now, the fintech sector has taken center stage as consumers are flooded with thousands of tools looking to finetune the way we execute banking processes and communicate with financial institutions.

42. How Do You Deploy a Payment Gateway? - Practical Uses for Payment APIs

A tutorial on how to integrate one of the most known Payment Gateways: Stripe API, Apple Wallet, ApplePay (PayFort API) into your software development.

43. An Introduction to PCI Compliance

There are plenty of reasons for enterprises that work with cardholder data to care about payment card industry (PCI) compliance.

44. DeFi Payments: An Overview

After having seen one of the 5 macro areas of decentralized finance (DeFi), namely lending and borrowing, today we will focus on another aspect and which is ...

45. India’s Roadmap to Invisible Payments — Subscriptions

Have you ever paid attention to the design of your internet browser? The better it camouflages itself, the more oblivious you become to its existence. The same analogy applies to our payment experiences too.

46. Fuse Co-Founder Mark Smargon on Revolutionizing the Financial Sector with Crypto Payments

Mark Smargon, co-founder of Fuse.io, talks to Ishan Pandey about his personal journey into the blockchain space.

47. Accelerating Accounts Receivable with Automated Technologies

Business is successful as the stocked inventory flows out the gates and receivable accounts seem to be well rising. Money that your consumers have agreed to pay through, however, will not rebuild your inventory, reimburse your suppliers, finance staffing, or resolve the business outstanding bills now but later.

48. How VISA, Paypal, MasterCard, and Western Union Could Integrate Cryptocurrencies

Although cryptocurrencies have been around for more than ten years and Bitcoin was first introduced in 2009, there is still a lot of skepticism around the crypto industry. Despite the market’s annual capitalization growth, many institutions in traditional finance do not recognize the role of digital assets in the global economy.

49. 4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Accept Mobile Payments

In an age where our daily lives are interconnected to technological advancement, it may be time to consider using a mobile device to make payments while on the go. We live in a world operating on ease and immediate response, so it may be time to convert towards this new, innovative option.

50. Key Takeaways For The Payment Industry Following The Pandemic

Before the pandemic, many businesses did not even think about shifting to e-commerce, but then went online and completely automated their processes in a matter of weeks. I asked Mike Shafro, xpate CEO, what role paytech partners play during the transition, which payment solutions are here to stay and how the shift to e-commerce affects the safety of funds.

51. BIS Proposes Unified LEDGER for CBDCs, Tokenized Deposits, and Payments

Programmability is a key feature of CBDC, meaning central banks and their customers could have total control over when, where, and how the money is spent.

52. An Understanding of Available Biometrics

Biometric security is widely known as fingerprint, facial, retinal, and voice recognition systems using physical and behavioral markers to identify authorized users and detect imposters. The behavioral markers biometric tools are capable of identifying consist of data usage patterns (location and time), finger movements and gestures, how a phone is tilted when held, and how frequently the user checks their media accounts.

53. Fintech: How COVID Affected Payments and the Underbanked

The COVID-19 pandemic was a disruptor in the purest startup sense. The immediate shift to remote work, school, and socially distanced ways of life accelerated innovation by an estimated five years.

54. Blockchain Powered Mobile Payments (BMPs) As An Alternative To The Ageing SWIFT

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are laying the foundation of a new financial system. They together challenge the status quo of the traditional world of finance and its highly centralized infrastructure.

55. When Messenger Apps Adopt Fintech: Privacy Issues and Implications

There are many ways in which the world is divided up: borders, differing cultures, and even vast masses of water serve to partition the globe. Preference per region for Messenger apps is one of the less initially visible ways this is done.

56. Integration Comparison: Adyen, Braintree, Stripe

When a new online merchant chooses a payment gateway, one likely narrows them down to Adyen, Braintree, PayPal, Stripe. They're indeed the most popular today, and they are all robust and easy to integrate.

57. How to Take Part in the HealthTech Revolution

As the saying goes, it’s impossible to put a price on your health.

58. Examining Your EMV Chip Cards

Now we are a few years into EMV mandates in the US, we all have one or more EMV chip cards in our wallet and have used them in stores.

59. "BTC or ETH Micropayments Are Still Not On The Same Level As VISA or Mastercard" - Rossen Yordanov

This article talks about why fintech giants are entering the cryptocurrency industry. The article talks about crypto, payments and blockchain.

60. The Fintech Industry Seeks for a Higher Growth Rate

According to Investopedia:

61. How to Create a Marketplace: Pay In and Pay Out

In the current era of the internet, we tend to shop online more often than ever before. We can attribute it to the fact that it’s infinitely easier to compare products from different sellers this way.

62. This Service Will Transform the Way Companies Receive Cryptocurrencies in 2023

Among the current targets, Slash is appealing mainly to restaurants, retail & e-commerce (fashion, travel), luxury, and multi-payment providers.

63. How to Optimize Your Online Payment Process for Higher Conversion Effectively

Ensure a simple and seamless payment process · Optimize security to better identify fraudulent transactions · Implement an omnichannel payment.

64. WebSockets: Plugging More People into Payments

Whether tethering off a feature phone or using the latest in wireless, a WebSockets backbone aids in user connectivity on many levels.

65. Welcome to California, Where Your Face Is Your Credit Card

Whether you are craving a burger or Chinese food tonight, there is no need to reach for your wallet or phone to buy it. Food vendors in California are embracing facial recognition?—?technology that lets you pay with a smile.

66. Neobanks Notwithstanding, Traditional Banks Are Not Going Away

Traditional banks Vs. Neobanks

67. Global Entrepreneurs Need Global Payment Solutions - Here Are 5 that I Recommend

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners have had to jump through hoops to accept payments from international clients. Bank transfers are fee-ridden and take days to process. PayPal has been known to freeze accounts randomly. Other payment providers simply do not work with certain countries. Providers have been known to pry deep into a person's business operations without much merit or probable cause.

68. The Role of Embedded Finance in Creating a Frictionless Experience

Customers are still big on frictionless experiences and because humans are insatiable in their quest to improve life’s meaningfulness, the job is never done.

69. In-car Payment Systems Unlock New Opportunities for M2M Economy

The full potential of in-car payment systems will be revealed in the machine-to-machine economy and a cooperative mobility ecosystem

70. The Growth of PFOF and How it Really Works

PFOF has become most affordable trading approach yielding great profits for everyone, especially after SEC disclosure of information amendment

71. Meet Data: The Driving Power of Fintech

Off late, “Fintech” has been and remains to be a buzzword. It is transcending beyond traditional banking and financial services, encompassing online wallets, crypto, crowdfunding, asset management, and pretty much every other activity that includes a financial transaction. Thereby competing directly and fiercely with traditional financing giants and their methods.

72. Crypto to Fiat Convertibility Holds The Key To The Next Leap In Payments

A 2019 study by Blockchain Capital claimed that 11 percent of Americans own Bitcoin and 89 percent are aware of it. A different 2019 survey put BTC ownership at 6 percent of Americans. So why don’t we see widespread adoption of blockchain-powered payments at coffee shops, groceries, and eCommerce sites?

73. How to Pick the Best Recurring Payment Solution

It is a huge task to find the right recurring payment solution for a SaaS business. But you can try freemiums and free trials to make a right decision.

74. Top 13 Payment Processing Solutions for Small Businesses

This list will help you understand some of the most popular online payment solutions for small businesses and choose the right one!

75. Six Things I Learned When Integrating Stripe Connect

Almost every service on the Internet today deals with money. And dealing with money requires a robust Billing system. Building your own billing system is a pain. It is a crucial component that should be highly available, secure, and 100% bug-free, otherwise, your users or your business might lose some money, which is unacceptable.

76. Setting Up WooCommerce on Your WordPress Site

WooCommerce is required if you want to create an excellent e-commerce website on WordPress. It is an open-source, completely customizable e-commerce platform that allows you to create fully functional online stores.

77. "Millennials and Gen-Z are Managing Credit with Technology" - Leo Goriev

This article talks about the credit card economy and digital payments how the 2008 economic collapse is tied to credit card ownership and spending.

78. "FinTech Wave-2 isn't Digital, It’s Hybrid." Lessons from Wave-1 and What’s Next?

Fintech represents the collision of two worlds — Financial services and technology, and with this union comes, both disruption and synergies. Fintech came of age in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. New regulations and changing consumer demands began to emerge as the world tried to pick up the pieces of the “great recession”.

79. Online Retail Innovation: Here's What 2021 Has In Store For Payments After The Digital Boom In 2020

The significant shift towards online shopping has been accompanied by the increasing adoption of digital payments.

80. Integrating STACS with Project Ubin V - A Client-First Approach to Technical Design

Event-Driven Architecture with Real-time UI

81. Some of the most influential Fintech products that came from Finland

The number of fintech companies that are in Finland has seen amazing growth over the years, with the country currently housing approximately 180 companies and covering all the different field of fintech such as:

82. Serving Contactless Payments Through the Use of the QR Code

How can QR codes help you acquire more revenue and customers

83. Understanding the Payments Industry with Alon Rajic: Founder of MoneyTransferComparison

Alon Rajic is the founder of Money Transfer Comparison, Finofin. He says the biggest story of the year in UK Fintech, at least in his view is the IPO of Wise.

84. How Freelancers Can Solve Proof of Income Issue When Renting

This article features all the possible ways through which you can rent your dream apartment being a freelancer and not worry about the lack of employee benefits

85. Payment Request API Specification

Secure contextThis feature is available only in secure contexts (HTTPS), in some or all supporting browsers.

86. Discussing Crypto Payments with Request Finance Co-Founder and CEO, Christophe Lassuyt

A conversation with Christophe Lassuyt, co-founder of Request Finance and a Y Combinator alumnus, about the future of crypto payments.

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