Part 1: what is a mmm?

Part 1: what is a mmm?
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What if you could spend part of your day playing video games and have that provide the capital needed for you provide for yourself?

What would that look and feel like?Is it necessary that you're a professional gamer?What games could make this happen???Something went wrong?? Please try again later.Is this even possible right now?

This is the start of an article series that looks to answer all these questions and moreIn addition, .It is our hypothesis that in 2021 to world of often NFT based cryptogaming has created an environment where this is an achievable goalIn addition, .We intent to test these games and attempt to create a system someone could build themselves at home to achieve the dream of not only surviving but thriving through playing games.

This guide is for both westerners looking to make extra cash and international citizens who may live in lower income areas looking to build their own path forward using tools that did not exist just a few short months agoIn addition, .The world is changing, we have our eyes on the future, and together we can build a whole new system of work.

A Machine is made of Parts

Any machine is made of a variety of parts each serving one or more specific goals which help the whole reach the desired resultIn addition, .When even a single part in a machine breaks down or is otherwise not present the entire machine ceases to functionIn addition, .Once a machine is functioning it is often possible to add additional parts to optimize, improve, or expand what is possible through the machine.

That is what we mean when we say Parts.

An Example:

It seems helpful at this point to demonstrate what a MMM (Modular Money Machine) might look like in practiceIn addition, .For this example, all of the Parts described are made up.

In this example, we are creating a simple income generation engine fueled by games played.

“Satoshi is home and has plenty of free timeIn addition, .They also have a BTC wallet with some funds in it but their main goal is to get as much USD coming into their savings account as possibleIn addition, .Satoshi notices a variety of the websites he already uses might fit together into a MMM and starts to organize them.

Using in funds in his wallet Satoshi is able to set up a virtual mining farm(RC), virtual space mining operation(AW), and virtual pot farm (WF) by signing up for some games and purchasing the necessary NFTs to get started from a NFT Market(NFT M)In addition, .Once set up, Satoshi has their Hit List of the three websites and, by playing only 10 minutes of each a day, Satoshi is starting to pull in tokens (and occasional NFTs) from the games in question and, through the use of an exchange market (ST) , is able to change the tokens into BTCIn addition, .Finally, through the use of large established website (CB) Satoshi is able to take the BTC earned from the tokens and swap it for USD which they can send to the savings account (which was the goal here)In addition, .This machine also has a self-improvement path as the NFTs farmed thought the use of the machine can be used to improve it moving forward (or be sold for tokens to be pushed along the normal path).

This machine is made up of an Source, three Farms, an Exchange, and an Exchange and Off-Ramp in one.

Visually, this MMM might look something like this:


I hope this is helpful in explaining this process.

In our nexts installment we will be demonstrating a real MMM like this, explaining how it functions in greater detail, providing the links necessary to build it yourself, and instructions to how to get you first MMM up and running.

Glossary of Terms:

Farms –  Anything that produces through effort, often time based mechanics assists here

Modular - components that may be separated and recombined

NFT – Non-Fungible Token

On-Ramp -  a method of accessing a service, often by moving funds onto them

Off-Ramp -  a method or path of removing funds from a service

Source –  a financial point of origin, where funds start their path forwardIn addition, .

Tokens -  special kinds of virtual currency tokens that reside on their own blockchains and represent an asset or utility.

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