Nash Integrate Avalanche (AVAX) Into His DeFi Product

Nash Integrate Avalanche (AVAX) Into His DeFi Product
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About Avalanche

Avalanche is an open-source platform that can launch decentralized applications and blockchain applications for a company in one ecosystem that works interoperably and is highly scalable.

Avalanche itself is able to process 4,500+ transactions per second, and can also immediately confirm the transactions that occur, Ethereum (ETH) developers can quickly build Avalanche when solidity goes beyond the limit.

About Nash

Nash is a fintech company that focuses on combining a suite of services from digital assets on a non-custodial basis with fiat payment gateways in leading markets, users can invest, trade, and make payments with digital assets, and Nash will never interfere in controlling their funds, fees for Fiat purchases as low as 0%, Nash is the only layer-2 exchange that supports Bitcoin (BTC) trading, as well as cross-chain with Ethereum (ETH) and NEO.

The Nash company was founded in 2017 to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and local currency or fiat, Nash provides fiat/crypto gateway services for retail and business customers, combining the lowest prices and fees with non-custodial wallets and of course with great security. high.

Nash itself has a fast and easy-to-use platform for decentralized financial services, integrating Avalanche (AVAX) into non-custodial wallets, on the European spot market, and also on fiat payment gateways.

Payment in Fiat currency will be integrated by Nash

In the second quarter (Q2), payments in fiat currency from Nash will be integrated directly into the Avalance wallet (AVAX).

Nash will also soon integrate bank account services with national currencies directly on the platform, of course, this will provide easy access to DeFi-supported income for new retail users.

After completing the integration in the second quarter (Q2), Nash platform users can buy and sell AVAX instantly and at only 1% fee if using European currencies supported by the platform, users can also take advantage of wallets that are secured using multi-party computation (MPC).


AVAX is the native token of the Avalance network, it is an asset with a limited and rare amount, is used as a fee in the network, in securing the platform through staking, and can provide a basic unit of account between several subnets created on Avalanche.

The integration of Nash into the Avalanche wallet can create a more efficient experience for users to access the fast-growing DeFi ecosystem on Avalanche.

Smart contract activity on the platform has made rapid progress since the first launch of Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge (AEB) on February 8, since then the smart contract interactions that have taken place have increased by 1.279% to over 750,000. And the number of unique wallets has also increased by 1,991% to over 45,000.88ffff5938d148e8674281c4f4e5f99ba59baddd63841dd9d10c5a11f02201c7.png

“Avalanche is one of the most promising new blockchain platforms. There are fast-growing ecosystems already living in the C-chain. Its new consensus mechanism empowers a vision of an interoperable working subnet that is very attractive in this space” said Nash CEO Ethan Fast.

He also added that if Nash would be happy to help and work with Avalanche to create a platform that would work well, it also aims to offer investors competitive pricing through Nash's fiat payment gateway.

Then to provide wallets, both on the web and mobile for AVAX which has been guaranteed with multi-party computation, since the first launch of the mainnet, AVAX has been listed and listed in the leading ops in the world, from Korea to Turkey, and even in America.C-chain ecosystems are already seeing rapid growth.

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