App-Specific Rollup Cartesi Announces A $1 Million Ecosystem Grants Initiative

App-Specific Rollup Cartesi Announces A $1 Million Ecosystem Grants Initiative
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New York City, United States, January 30th, 2024, Chainwire

Developers can receive up to $50,000 USDC per project, plus dedicated tech support, introduction to accelerators and investors, marketing support and project consulting. 

(CTSI), an app-specific rollup protocol with a virtual machine that runs Linux distributions, announced today an allocation for $1 million to the Cartesi Grants Program. Supporting new ideas is a key aspect of the program's focus on fostering developer talent and enriching the Cartesian ecosystem. Starting today on Tuesday, January 30th, independent developers, founding teams, DAOs, communities, and collectives have the chance to apply and receive up to $50,000 USDC per project, depending on community approval. Cartesian hopes to expand the number of long-term contributors and developers building innovative applications on Cartesian with this grants program. 

Areas of focus:

  • New ideas & dApps: Applications and experiments built using the Cartesi framework that offers value to the broader ecosystem. Currently, Cartesi is supporting Complex Vouchers, an advanced voucher system for external interactions.
  • Research & Integrations: Split into two tracks, Track 1 focuses on research and solutions that integrate Cartesi technology with other innovative technologies. To use reproducible builds in a deterministic and verifiable environment, the cartesi VM and nix package system can be utilized. The security and trustlessness of developers is greatly enhanced by having this on-chain.
  • The cartesi ecosystem's advancement is the focus of track 2's in-depth research on topics that have been identified as crucial. Risch-V, ZK, and Cartesi are among the institutions involved in open-source research, which is an example.
  • Developer tooling: Tools that simplify and enhance the experience for developers building on Cartesi. For example, Drand is a component of a larger set of tools for generating random numbers on Cartesi’s convenience layer. The objective is to develop a Cartesi framework that will facilitate the creation of dApps using Cartesi for web3 developers.
  • Gaming: Games that uniquely leverage the capabilities of Cartesi, such as open-source games that can be reused and built upon, game frameworks, convenience layers, and other infrastructure contributions. Currently under development is Dazzle, a competitive online puzzle RPG that leverages Cartesi Rollups and the Cartesi Machine for high-stake, e-sport-like tournaments. 

“This grants program is designed to foster long-term collaboration within the Cartesi ecosystem and increase the convenience and scalability of dApp development for both developers and users,” said Hellenstans.eth, Grants Steward in the Cartesi ecosystem. To kickstart any developer's project, the grants program provides financial support and invaluable technical guidance.”

Cartesi’s first dApp, , launched on the Ethereum mainnet this past summer. The purpose of this dapp is to motivate developers to test the security of cartesi rollups. At the moment, the honeypot fund is not broken and is growing by an 8% compound weekly, currently holding 139,861 ctsi. 

For the first two waves of the cartesi grants program, the cartesi foundation has made a total commitment of $1,000,000. Wave 1 will allocate a maximum of $500,000 USDC for the grants program, and wave 2 will also have another $500,000 USDC available for allocation.

By gathering feedback on the grant process and lowering friction, the Cartesi Grants Program hopes to significantly ramp up the speed and scale of future grant funding rounds in wave 1. To review the list of projects approved for funding during the pilot, visit The cartesi grants program page is where you can find more information and apply. 

Information regarding the Cartesi Foundation. 

Supporting Cartesi technology and the decentralization of the Cartesi ecosystem is what the Cartesi Foundation's mission is all about. Funding, education programs, grants, strategic alliances, and other focused activities are core activities of The Foundation, which aim to be a supporting member of the Cartesi community. The foundation is dedicated to aiding the development of the cartesi ecosystem, enabling dapp developers and users to benefit from mainstream scalability and convenience. To learn more about Cartesi, visit

About Cartesi

Cartesi is an app-specific rollup protocol with a virtual machine that runs Linux distributions, creating a richer and broader design space for dApp developers. Cartesian rollups provide a flexible scaling solution, capable of deployment as L2, L3, or sovereign rollups, while still maintaining high-level security guarantees. To learn more about Cartesi, visit

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