The Hottest Altcoin Gem in Crypto DEPIN

The Hottest Altcoin Gem in Crypto DEPIN
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And it’s on fire right now. It represents over $13 billion in total market cap in crypto. But, do you feel like you missed out on the huge gains in Filecoin and Arweave? Well, don’t worry. We have for you today a small-cap DePIN project that could hit it big. And they are focusing on a market every crypto investor will need some time, and not just what enterprises need. Serenity Shield

Serenity Shield’s StrongBox

Serenity Shield is in DePIN and more specifically, decentralized storage. But it’s more than that. In our last article about Serenity Shield, we said this signature service is like the Web3 version of Dropbox.

And that still applies. And their amazing offer is still going on where you can use the service FREE for 6 months. Click this to check it out. But now we are going to look at why what Serenity Shield has with its StrongBox offering is different than others in DePIN like Arweave or Filecoin.

Estate Planning

Estate planning helps people answer one simple question. What happens to your assets when you die? I know it’s morbid to think about but everyone will die someday. So do you want to decide who gets your assets or have the State decide for you?

With the unique features of StrongBox, you mint an NFT that controls the keys to your wallet. But it works like a multi-signature system for better security.  That’s where you need 2 of 3 signatures or 3 of 5. Or whatever configuration you want. More on that in a second. StrongBox product is live in the market as is the Serenity Shield mainnet.

So they have working products and a working chain. This puts them WAY ahead of many small and mid-cap projects working more off of hype than products and users.

Minting the NFT to Control Your Private Keys

When you create your own StrongBox account, what you are doing is minting an that holds the keys and metadata for your StrongBox account. Plus, you are reserving your space within Serenity Shield’s network.

Again, this is free for the first 6 months. No mint fees or gas. Your key is split into 3 different keys. No one key allows full access for security purposes. It’s like a multi-signature setup. Here is where the 3 keys go:

  1. The user gets one.
  2. The user’s nominee gets one. This could be spouse, business partner, child, investment adviser, etc.
  3. Secured in the Serenity Shield Vault.

This is all done through smart contracts and the nominee key is activated only when certain parameters are set. You need 2 of the 3 keys to open the account. For example, for estate planning purposes, you might set the smart contract to not activate the nominee key until the user key is inactive for 6 months. 

If you didn’t log into Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram for 6 months, that’s likely a sign that something happened. But FB won’t do anything about that. Yet, a smart contract can if it’s written with these parameters in mind. And remember, all this from the minting to the smart contracts is done with privacy in mind using Secret Network. But it’s that easy. Mint 1 NFT and all these things are happening behind the scenes to secure your StrongBox account.

The Value Proposition

With the privacy and estate planning focus, you’ve seen that Serenity Shield has something different to offer than others in decentralized storage. And we like that. Now, I’m going to blow you away with some numbers. Check these out:

  • , which relies on IPFS, is the leader in this category. Its market cap, as befitting the leader, is $2.9 billion. It’s ~25% of the total market cap of the DePIN sector.
  • is another one we like A LOT in this sector. Its market cap is $648 million.
  • Serenity Shield. You’ve seen. It has a unique offering in the market. Its market cap is only $1 million. It is 648x cheaper by market value than Arweave.

Often with investments, a project has a lower market value because it is riskier, less established, and lags behind the competition. But seriously, is Serenity Shield 648x riskier than Arweave? We are fans of Arweave. But I don’t think so. You must do your due diligence of course. Yet we have a hard time believing this price differential.

If you feel like you missed out on the huge gains of Filecoin and Arweave, this may be your chance to get that early small-cap investment in the DePIN sectorAgain, all fees including minting the NFT that holds your keys are free for the first 6 months if you try it out at this link right here. Give Serenity Shield and its StrongBox a try today.


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