The Sandbox Users Targeted in Email Phishing Hack

The Sandbox Users Targeted in Email Phishing Hack
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The metaverse project The Sandbox has warned its users to be wary of a phishing hack contained within malicious emails entitled The Sandbox Game (PURELAND) Access.

Sandbox wrote through a Medium article that hackers accessed one of its employee’s computer systems through a malware application. Later, bad actors used the data to send emails pretending to be from The Sandbox and giving access to the game Pureland.

The email contains hyperlinks that remotely install malware on the user’s system. Eventually, the malware can steal users’ personal information or even control their devices.

company learned about the incident on Feb. 26, and its co-founder, Sebastien Borget, warned users through Twitter.

The Sandbox Tries to Take Charge of Situation

The Medium article claims that The Sandbox warned recipients of the email not to interact with the hyperlinked website.It blocked the employee’s connection with the internal system. The employee also formatted the computer and reset the passwords.

The Sandbox suggest the following measure to its users to protect them from phishing emails:

Source: Medium

Last month, MetaMask users received malicious emails to verify the Know Your Customer (KYC) requirement. The emails linked to a phishing website, which for users’ secret recovery phase.

As phishing emails are common in the crypto industry, a Twitter user suggests manually verifying the information on the email by visiting the official website.

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