‘Scam as a Service’ Provider Monkey Drainer Closes Up Shop

‘Scam as a Service’ Provider Monkey Drainer Closes Up Shop
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NFT and cryptocurrency monkey scammer drain is the closing of its phishing contract "scam as a service" offers.The service was popular with cyber criminals, who suffered a 30 per cent reduction.

Monkey drain, a service that is often described as a "scam as a service," is put on hold. Crypto security firm PeckShield tweeted on March 1 that the scammer would shut down the service, with 200 ETH (roughly $330,000) transferred to Tornado Cash in the last 24 hours. The drainer still has 840 ETH, worth about $1.4 million, in its

Monkey Drainer Final Message: PeckShield

PeckShield also posted a picture of a message from Monkey Drainer, who said the fraudster was going to close right away. The latter's message went so far as to say that it was an "experiment for serving other cybercriminals."

Monkey Drain will destroy all relevant files, servers and devices and "will not come back." The general feeling of the message was audacity and absence of remorse.

The judgment could have been the result of the recent increased judicial review of the market. The authorities paid more attention to cybercrime involving crypto, especially since the tastes of the lazarus group made the crypto market a primary target.

Which one drains the monkeys?

Monkey Drainer is notorious in the crypto space, having helped bad actors drain over $24 million, operating several via Twitter. Phishing is a tactic that is commonly used. The department has been operational since 2022 and has attracted the attention of security researchers shortly after its launch.

He's holding 30% of the stolen money. Methods have sadly inspired imitators, many of whom explicitly state that the monkey was responsible for inspiring them to take the same line of work.

Set up major flights.

Monkey Drainer has been entertaining the crypto community for quite a while. In January 2023, certik claimed to have discovered the identity of two con artists behind this nickname. The con artist may have a home in Russia if certik deductions are correct.

At the end of October was especially successful for the crook, with the flight contract of more than 700 ETH in 24 hours. The stolen assets include a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, stablecoins, and other NFTs.