Top 05 crypto 2021-04-07

Top 05 crypto 2021-04-07
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The following is my documentary about the top 05 cryptocurrencies. All the following data comes from the research I have done with some of the best markets. These data may change from time to time. So all given data's are reviewed

at my local time. 2021-04-07 01:17Am (GMT+3)


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In my local time, it is 3 GMT. Market conditions can change at any time. Therefore, I recommend to buy and hold. Dear Reader, Thank you for your time reading this. Thank you for Reading.

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As Bitcoin's Taproot Nears, Ex-CIA Director's Paper Raises Privacy Concerns
12 hours ago

Source: Adobe/wip-studio As a major privacy-related Bitcoin (BTC) upgrade took another step forward, the Cryptoverse is abuzz over a paper written by a former acting director of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). But besides reaching a positive conclusion for BTC, the paper also highlights privacy-related crypto vulnerabilities that remained largely overlooked: BTC can be traced, while