Nexo gear up for eth moon shot

Nexo gear up for eth moon shot
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XTRM PR - (6th April 2021) NEXO are not taking a possibility of a surge in Ethereum usage and lending lightly over the next few months as the token topped USD$2,000. With that possibility come a flow of rewards for both saving and use of Nexo products.



All eyes in the crypto club are glued to Ethereum as it tops $2,000 and is poised to go higher and higher. This already means heaps of success for all ETH holders, but the current price jump isn't where this success ends.


Make the most of your ETH by popping it into your Nexo Wallet to:


  • Start earning up to 8% interest, paid out daily while you HODL!
  • Get instant credit backed by your ETH to buy even more ETH or other assets while the time is ripe!


?? Hint: When your ETH appreciates in value (like now), your credit line limit grows. That means more cash available to fund any investments you might have in mind.

You can join Nexo via my invite link below... 

Join Nexo 


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