Pro-Ripple (XRP) Lawyer John Deaton v. Crypto Critic Elizabeth Warren in The Battle for Massachusetts

Pro-Ripple (XRP) Lawyer John Deaton v. Crypto Critic Elizabeth Warren in The Battle for Massachusetts
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The next US Senate elections are scheduled to take place on November 5, 2024, with the state of Massachusetts offering an intriguing battle. The current senator, Elizabeth Warren, will seek re-election, while John Deaton will challenge her reign.

The latter, who  into the race earlier this week, is a huge advocate of the cryptocurrency industry. He is also a lawyer representing thousands of XRP investors in Ripple’s lawsuit against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

“I am running for US Senate to continue my life’s mission to shake things up for the people who need it most. I fought for the little guy, I took on the greedy corporations and the heartless insurance companies, and I won,” Deaton stated.

While his candidacy could receive support from cryptocurrency proponents, his opponent, Elizabeth Warren, might rely on those who stand against the industry. She is among the harshest critics of the sector, calling for the implementation of strict rules and describing crypto as a “fourth-rate alternative to real currency.”

Furthermore, the Massachusetts senator has argued that dealing with digital assets is “a lousy investment,” adding that they are tied to numerous illegal activities. She also introduced a bill to clamp down on cryptocurrencies employed in terrorism financing, money laundering, and other illicit operations.

Warren is an experienced politician and has defeated her previous opponents with a vast majority. On the other hand, the state of Massachusetts is among the US regions with the most crypto enthusiasts who might not back her candidacy. That said, it would be interesting to follow who will emerge victorious in November.

The Battle of America

The US presidential elections are highly anticipated since the political leader of America is responsible for the execution and enforcement of the law in the world’s largest economy, thus potentially impacting other regions across the globe.

This year, the candidates include the current President, Joe Biden (from the Democratic party), his predecessor, Donald Trump (Republican), and others. One of the interesting names on the list of independent nominees is Robert Kennedy, nephew of former US President John F. Kennedy.

He is a vocal proponent of the cryptocurrency industry, more specifically Bitcoin. Last year, he put the leading digital asset at the center of his campaign, promising to back the American dollar (if elected) with “real finite assets,” such as gold, silver, platinum, and BTC.

Shortly after, he admitted purchasing two BTC for each of his seven children after the Bitcoin Conference in Miami in May. The asset’s price stood at approximately $27,000 at that time, meaning it was almost twice cheaper than the current valuation.