How the Blockchain Technology save the Environment.

How the Blockchain Technology save the Environment.
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Blockchain can be used to monitor the supply chain of any product, and it can be used to make sure that the product has been produced in accordance with the needs of the environment.When an environmentally friendly product is produced, it can be branded with a green label.This will make it easier for consumers to identify products that are in line with the environmental standards.


  According to the European Commission, blockchain can reduce the need for paperwork and thus help to reduce CO2 emissions. The CO2 emission is the main cause of the climate change. Thus, the European Commission has announced that they want to use blockchain technology to reduce the effects of climate change.  


Blockchain technology is not only useful for monitoring the supply chain, but it can also help to reduce pollution. For instance, the electricity produced by hydro-power stations does not only have positive effects on the climate.One of the reasons for this is that the power generated by hydro-power plants is often harmful to the environment.The reason is that the large amounts of water used to produce electricity means that a lot of water is released into the environment.Water temperatures can become significantly higher than the normal temperature due to the amount of water released into the environment.This can have a negative impact on the marine life.  


Using blockchain technology to monitor the supply chain of hydro-power stations may be beneficial for both the environment and the electricity producers.Monitoring the supply chain allows the producers to sell power in line with the environmental standards.This will make it easier for producers to increase the demand for their products.  


Any technology will be have both advantages and disadvantages and it's you, who can reduced the disadvantages and bring more advantages, Don't think deeply, but in case you need to but just think simply and creatively.  

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