Norwegian Investor’s “All-In” Bitcoin Buy Hits National Headlines

Norwegian Investor’s “All-In” Bitcoin Buy Hits National Headlines
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The decision of a Norwegian investor to sell all its shares for Bitcoin has seen virtual currency hit the home page in the domestic press.

Dagestan business journal?ringsliv reported on Friday how Kristoffer Hansen, by day an IT advisor from the town of Trondheim, turned in everything he had in return for Bitcoin as prices hover around $2,800.

"I sold all of my stock and put it all on Bitcoin. I "understood everything," he said at the release.

While the exact amounts in play are unknown, the event is another example of the growing importance of Bitcoin among traditional fiat investors.

Like Hansen, who had been “watching” the cryptocurrency for the past five years, big players across the world have lately seized the chance to come on board as signs of a long-term price uptick remain.

Exchanges from the US to Japan have seen up to 640 percent increases in new users since January this year.

Last month, Australian billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes also revealed he had taken a gamble on Bitcoin several years ago and that this was now “paying out well.”

"Don't look at the small fluctuations, look at the long term, and think where Bitcoin will be in about five to ten years," Hansen added in the meantime.

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