ChainFlix Information Bill
ChainFlix is a revolutionary blockchain-based P2P video streaming platform that allows viewers, content creators, and enhancers to monetize their time, contents, and efforts.|In the Chainflix platform, coins are to be mined during the video-viewing process, and all participants in the system (content creators and activators, storage providers, viewers, operation participants and advertisers) are organically connected in a way to ensure user-oriented operation and fair distribution of blockchain-based and PoA algorithm-mined coins among the participants.
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ChainFlix Team
 Jeong-seok, Oh
Founder & CEO
 Seong-Rok, Yoon
Chief Technology Officer
 Jung-Su, Park
Technical Adviser
 John Wiggins
Business Director
 Young-Nam, Jeon
Product Manager
 Myoung-sung, Baek
Front & Back-end Application Developer
 Hyojin Kim
Senior Designer
 Mun-ho, Jang
Application Developer