Jacob Canfield
Jacob Canfield
 Location: Hollywood, FL U.S.
 Education:  Life University, Doctor of Chiropractic, 2006-2010
 Education:  Western Michigan University, B.S., Biomedical Sciences, 2002-2006
 Company: Signal Profits
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Jacob Canfield is an Army veteran that spent six years doing counterintelligence and cryptography tied with a two-and-a-half year tour in Iraq from 2003-2005. He first started learning how to trade the stock market in 1999 as a 16-year-old after his grandmother gave him $1,000. Ever since, Jacob has gone on to trade in other markets such as forex, options, commodities and now cryptocurrencies.|In addition, Canfield is a serial entrepreneur that has co-founded over 7 companies in the past 8 years – without traditional funding – that have all gone on to become profitable within their first year. His businesses are in a wide variety of sectors that include mobile application development, healthcare, e-commerce, and private investment education.|Canfield uses a combination of trend forecasting, advanced technical analysis, and early adopter technology cycles to stay at the forefront of where smart money, retail traders, investors and crowds are moving. Since 2016, he has turned his attention to the blockchain and crypto asset industry and is involved in multiple facets, from trading, investing and advising.|In late 2017, Canfield co-founded the crypto trading platform and one of the largest trading communities, Signal Profits. Shortly after, in May 2018, Jacob was nominated for “Best Coin Predictions” and “Best Live Stream” during the largest crypto conference in the world, Consensys in New York City. That same week, he won the “Best Live Stream” award at the 2018 Crypto Influence Summit.
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