Dae Yu
Dae Yu
 Education:  NCSU, B.S. E.E.,
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Dae Yu completed an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering.  Afterward, he kicked off a career as a Network Engineer that morphed into a Sales Engineering.

Yu worked at a brand new telecom equipment manufacturer making point-to-point free-space-optics lasers for wireless gigabit Ethernet connectivity.  Afterward, he bought, managed, and sold a piece of commercial real estate as well as started and liquidated a retail dollar store. He also worked at one of the most challenging telecom companies for a decade, day traded for a year, did real estate brokerage, and blogged.

Now he is a plankton-sized angel investor, and a Bitcoiner. In 2019, he launched the Windshield Time podcast with his business partner Arry Yu.

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