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ZB Global is a blockchain assets financial service provider. The Group’s flagship platform is ZB.com, the industry leading digital asset exchange. The platform launched in early 2013 and boasts one of the world’s largest trading communities. It uses multiple security technologies such as distributed server clustering, distributed storage and hot and cold wallet separation to ensure customer asset security.

ZB.com Services
  • Exchange Spot transactions are exchanges between digital assets. A digital asset is used as a unit of valuation to buy other currencies. China Currency now supports real-time trading of over 80 digital assets
  • Margin Margin trading is a derivative financial tool for spot trading. Users can borrow digital assets from other users to configure leverage that will increase returns while taking on the risk of large losses
  • Fiat ZB provides OTC trading service to solve the problem of credit transactions between the two buyers and sellers and improve the funds security. You can quickly trade multiple currencies by OTC trading
  • Investment Lend your free digital assets to margin trading users to earn interest. Platform guarantees low risks and high returns
  • Loan Stake digital currency to borrow stablecoins or stake stablecoins to borrow digital assets allowing withdrawal and which will help you reasonably allocate your digital assets.
ZB.com Features
  • Safe operation for more than 6 years_ Providing enterprise-level technical services for dozens of partners to protect your numbers Assets are as stable as Tarzan
  • One-stop Service_ Over-the-counter legal currency trading currency trading leverage trading providing you with one-stop service
  • Professional Customer Service_ Online customer service are available for you 24×7 system will push everything you want to know in real time
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