New Alchemy
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New Alchemy provides blockchain technology, ICO advisory, smart contract audits, and token mechanics to the world’s most innovative companies.

New Alchemy Services
  • Services. Blockchain tokenization services including smart contracts token design security audits and strategy advisory
  • Innovations. In-house projects designed to drive the future of financial systems improve the crypto ecosystem and push the boundaries of blockchain technology and tokenization
  • Growth. Connecting the most promising crypto and tokenization projects to a network of blockchain experts entrepreneurs and contributors from around the globe.
New Alchemy Team
Peter Vessenes
Founder, Chairman
Hans Olsen
Byron Nutley
Chief Financial Officer
Martin Garthwaite
General Counsel
Gwen Sheridan
Chief Operating Officer
Kenneth Everett
Director of Engineering
Peter Brown
Vice President of Sales
JC Figueroa
Director of Operations
Ted Leung
Chief Technology Officer
New Alchemy Clients