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Neo Foundation
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Neo is an open-source, community-driven platform that is leveraging the intrinsic advantages of blockchain technology to realize the optimized digital world of the future.

Neo Foundation Services
  • Neo Foundation Services – With thriving partners and projects, the Neo ecosystem is rapidly growing and developing, thus enabling Neo to become the foundation for the next-gen Internet.
Neo Foundation Features
  • BFT2_0 – A consensus algorithm with high stability high TPS and single block finality
  • NeoVM – A lightweight cross-platform and scalable virtual machine
  • Smart Contract – A cross-platform multi-language supported smart contract system
  • NeoID – A customizable decentralized self-sovereign identity protocol
  • NeoFS – A distributed object storage solution for on-chain data applications
  • Voting Mechanism – A voting mechanism that enables participation of on-chain governance
  • Dual Token – An innovative dual token economic model that optimizes on-chain governance and utility
  • Oracle – A built-in oracle component enabling smart contracts to access external resources
Neo Foundation Team
Da Hongfei
Co-Founder of Neo, Chair of Neo Foundation, CEO of NGD
Erik Zhang
Co-Founder of Neo, Chair of Neo Foundation
Lili Zhao
Director of Neo Global Development
John deVadoss
Head of Development, North America
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