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Jelurida is a blockchain software company that develops and maintains the


blockchains. Anyone can join our decentralized blockchain ecosystem and use our public blockchain platforms to build applications or provide services on top of them. Companies and organizations can also license our technology for a private blockchain implementation based on Nxt or Ardor, or launch a custom child chain on the Ardor platform taking advantage of its unique built-in features, hybrid permissioning and public consensus-as-a-service offerings.

Jelurida Services
  • Architecture Design and Optimization – Jelurida’s experienced blockchain engineers are ready to assist your organization in designing the best blockchain solution for your use case. Our professional services team will help identify implementation challenges and guide your team in resolving them saving you time and resources
  • Lightweight Contract Development – Development of blockchain based contracts is one of the most demanding challenges for programmers. Our professionals will guide your team and assist in all stages of implementation – from the initial design to code review testing deployment and performance optimizations
  • Custom Blockchain Implementation – Jelurida provides full software design and implementation services to ensure the best results in adopting our technology. We are well equipped to design and develop any customized features needed for the successful integration of blockchain technology in your business.
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