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Issuance, Inc. is developing a modern marketing platform for digital securities. The Issuance platform connects, engages, and matches digital securities issuers with authenticated, interested investors. The platform will support deal marketing for issuers using Regulation D, Regulation A+, Regulation CF, and Regulation S securities exemptions.

Issuance Services
  • issuance platform. Issuance provides unique incentives for investors to sign up complete investor surveys and engage with issuers. Through the issuance platform issuers can market their deal to authenticated interested investors
Issuance Features
  • 360° Market Visibility_ Issuance aggregates deals from across the industry from tokenization protocols and exchanges into one easy-to-use platform
  • First Access To Offerings_ Issuance provides investors with first-tier access to the most qualified deals in their earliest funding rounds
  • Direct Access To Investors_ Tokenization platforms and exchanges don’t market deals but issuance does. They bridge the capital gap between issuers and investors.
Issuance Images
Issuance Team
Darren Marble
Co-founder & CEO
Christian Shelton
Co-founder & CMO
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