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GSD Capital is a fully managed investment service, applying artificial intelligence to absolute return trading strategies. In currency, commodity and cryptocurrency markets around the world, GSD Capital works relentlessly to capture daily trading opportunities, with the goal of delivering outsized returns to our clients.

GSD’s founding partners graduated with degrees in computer science and mathematics, and founded GSD Capital in 2019 as a trading collective offering investment management services to private institutional clients. Armed with programming skills and sharp quantitative minds, the founders hypothesized that by applying a fresh take to trading, one that truly leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence, they could meaningfully impact a world still dominated by manual operators. Very quickly, their algorithms saw success in the markets and GSD Capital has now grown into a global multi-asset boutique trading firm.

GSD Capital Services
  • Asset Management : Through algorithmic trading and inter-bank lending the firm manages capital on behalf of external clients in two distinct offerings
  • Advisory : The firm offers tailored investment planning advice.
GSD Capital Team
Timothy Goldberg
Chief Investment Officer
Tom Welsh
Head of Technology
Russel Lane
Senior Trader & Risk Analyst
GSD Capital Assets