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Conflux is the State-of-the-Art public blockchain system that can achieve high TPS without sacrificing decentralization or safety. By delicately combining its unique and advanced algorithm with a novel structure——Tree Graph (TG), Conflux makes consensus no longer a performance bottleneck, thereupon solves a series of problems in the industrialization of public chains. Currently, in its first stage, Conflux adopts PoW (Proof of Work) mechanism as the basis of its consensus.

Conflux Features
  • Scalability By adopting a scalability consensus mechanism and safely retaining fork blocks Conflux realized a high throughput rate of 3000-6000 TPS in our real-network testing
  • Extensibility Blockchain oracle combined with cryptographic tools to realize powerful features such as external data feeding confidential data control and beyond
  • Security Ensured by 2 Dimensional protection – Anti double-spend attack protection (consensus-level) and contract code proofreading (application-level).
Conflux Team
Fan Long
Andrew Chi-Chih Yao
Chief Scientist
Wei Xu
Research Scientist
Ming Wu