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CME Group is a global markets company empowering participants to efficiently manage risk and capture opportunities in every major asset class.

CME Group Services
  • Explore products across six major asset classes to find opportunities, diversify your portfolio and capture efficiencies with leading-edge technology as a core part of your strategy. Respond instantly to global, market-moving events with trading access nearly 24 hours a day, six days a week.
  • Manage business risks in a capital-efficient, cleared marketplace, whether hedging commodity exposure or adjusting a bond portfolio’s duration. Our clearinghouse reduces your risk of counterparty default to nearly zero and, with around-the-clock market access, you can act on market-moving events as they happen.
  • Uncover the right opportunity at the right time with the combined power of data and analysis that only CME Group provides. Gain the market insights you need to refine your trading strategies and efficiently manage your exposure across all major asset classes and global benchmarks.
  • From pre-trade analytics to post-trade efficiencies, we bring together the pieces of the trading lifecycle that fit your operational needs and trading strategies. Innovative product solutions that minimize your total cost of execution. Robust infrastructure and straight-through processing. Data services. CME optimizes how you do business.
  • Register with and access exclusive tools and whitepapers, or build a portfolio and sync it to our mobile app for on-the-go updates. Explore courses that help improve your trading strategies and stay informed with alerts, daily reports and research. When you’re ready, learn how we can help connect you to our markets.
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