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AAX is a privately-held digital asset exchange hailed as the leading exchange in the Asia-Pacific. Launched in November 2019, AAX is the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange to be powered by LSEG Technology’s Millennium Exchange – the same matching engine that powers London Stock Exchange. It is also the first of its kind to have joined the London Stock Exchange Group’s (LSEG) Partner Platform.

AAX is an exchange that raises the standards for integrity, security, and performance; one that would stand up to regulatory scrutiny, be accessible to the masses while fulfilling the requirements of institutional market participants as well.

Company Story

AAX was founded in early 2018, right after Bitcoin had reached its all-time high. As the crypto winter set in, the discourse around crypto became more mature. AAX was built in anticipation of a maturing market where retail as well as institutional traders would be able to gain exposure to digital assets.

“We were looking to excel along the lines of performance, security and integrity, so we could offer a trusted trading environment. For performance, we integrated our systems with LSEG Technology’s Millennium Exchange matching engine – the same matching engine that powers London Stock Exchange.”

“For security, we partnered with Kroll – a veteran in the cybersecurity space – enabling us to implement the same security principles used by banks, governments and intelligence agencies, as well as bespoke solutions that are specific to digital assets.”

“As to integrity, we operate market surveillance technology to monitor for any market anomalies or signs of manipulation. We have efficient measures in place to combat money laundering and other financial crimes, while at the same time, our systems allow for easy onboarding – including for our institutional clients.”

AAX Team
Thor Chan