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Wixlar is a global decentralized digital currency based on the blockchain technology. With Wixlar coins, you can buy and sell products or services online and offline. Wixlar offers more than 12 Services to the public such as: Wallets, Master Card, Exchanges, Smart Contract, Letter of Credit, Cloud Storage, E-Shop, Academy, Rewards, Partnerships, Lottery and Free-Lancing.

Wixlar Tech Specification
  • Blockchain
  • Hash Algorithm Ethereum
  • Org_ Structure
  • Development Status None
  • Hardware Wallet Centralized
Wixlar Team
Alexis Thomas
Founder and CEO
S.J Song
Director/Representative in Asia & Russia
E.J. Chae
Sole Distributor in Asia
Mujaser Mamuti
Marketing and Outreach
Shane Harrington
Advising and Consulting
Marios Yiannakou
Financial Development
Sotiris Kattos
Media and Broadcasting
Christoforos Fekkas
Business Development