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The Vigor Protocol is a decentralized and fully automated borrow, lend, and Insure application on the EOS blockchain which allows users to unlock the value of their crypto.

The Protocol employs a two-token system; the fee-utility token VIG and the low volatility VIGOR token backed by a pool of overcollateralized cryptocurrencies. Users can deposit crypto into the lending/insurance pool for rewards or deposit VIGOR into savings for rewards.

 is a crypto-backed low volatility payment token utilizing the EOS blockchain. VIGOR is transparently backed by a pool of VIG tokens, and incentivizes users to deposit enough crypto collateral, so that even during stressed markets, the price defeats volatility. VIGOR has a maximum supply of 100,000,000.

is a utility token used for fees, to provide access to the system, and to be used as a final reserve. VIG premiums are received as a reward by lenders and savers on the VIGOR platform. There is also some VIG locked up in the final reserve which will aid in supporting the protocol and help to absorb market shocks. VIG has a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000