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DarkPayCoin is a privacy focused MN/PoS coin, iteratively improved with the most advanced technological features. DarkPayCoin is 100% community governed and built. Every move is community-driven, as Darkpaycoin technology includes a decentralized budgeting system and immutable proposal and voting systems.

DarkPayCoin Feature List
  • COMMUNITY DRIVEN_ Holders decide where we go and how we get there, through proposal and vote.
  • REAL PRIVACY_ Fully private and anonymous transactions with Zerocoin protocol.
  • PROOF OF STAKE 3_0_ Contribute to the security of the network, get rewarded for doing so.
DarkPayCoin Tech Specification
  • Consensus Proof of Stake (PoS)
  • Staking APR 10%
  • Block Time 60 seconds
  • Hash Algorithm POS 3.0
  • Org_ Structure Unknown
  • Open Source 1
  • Development Status On-going development