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gAsp is a Proof of Work blockchain that uses scrypt mining and advanced checkpoint technology. gAsp is the combination of several cryptocurrency technologies combined together. In the source code of gAsp you will find original code from Bitcoin, Litecoin, UnbreakableCoin, Peercoin, and eVoxels, and eBoost. You will also find the latest features in crypto technology such as ACP, Segwit, and the RPC used by third party services such as exchanges.

Aspire embeds data into regular gAsp blockchain transactions. To a regular gAsp client, these transactions look like normal gAsp transactions, with one party sending another party a very small amount of gAsp. An Aspire node (which runs the gAsp client along with the Aspire client software will recognize and interpret the data in these gAsp transactions based on specific rules. From this, it constructs its own ledger of Aspire transactions that it has seen on the gAsp network.

Aspire Tech Specification
  • Consensus Proof of Work (PoW)
Aspire Team
Jim Blasko
Founder and CEO
Michael Terpin
Co Founder
Matt Smith
Team Developer