Samsung introduce a new blockchain wallet app

Samsung introduce a new blockchain wallet app
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Decentraland partners with samsung to streamline blockchain games with new features for samsung's portfolio.

Earlier this week decentralized and announced its partnership with samsung, which will integrate samsung's blockchain portfolio with its gaming chips. Decentraland LAND and TNT Decentraland tokens can be exchanged on Samsung's popular coin purse.

ETFs, or nonfungible tokens, are a particular type of crypto token which have unique properties and are not interchangeable between them. It sets them apart from the cryptocurrencies that are traded on the markets – all of which can be traded freely.

NFT creates a digital rarity, which has allowed certain NFT to become collectible. In Decentraland’s ecosystem, NFT tokens are represented as LAND and can be used to purchase in-game play space.

Many chips in the blockchain play.

The game operates on the Ethereum blockchain and all transactions will be recorded on it. With this recent collaboration, samsung blockchain portfolio can now ease into land exchanges.

Mana is another centralised currency.

The mana token is fungible and can be used to pay for decentralized goods and services, and even used to buy land. Mana is also constructed on the ethereum blockchain and is a token erc-20.

All properties bought in the decentralized ecosystem are 100% unique, owned and controlled by players, with 3-D development kits to customize their pitch without coding.

Support the blockchain play area.

Over the past year, several major game companies have entered the blockchain game scene. In addition to increased funding, large technology firms are attracting existing users to the industry.

Atari made a native token and Square Enix invested in the Sandbox of Animoca, So it's not hard to see Samsung's support for Decentraland as another movement through the great technology in the blockchain game.

Big tech companies have the resources to create new play spaces and the confidence that big business inspires can attract new players to blockchain play space.

Planting the DeFi seed

In an effort to familiarise its customers with blockchain technology, Samsung has taken the initiative to expand support for blockchain functions throughout its budget models. In the past, the blockchain feature was only available on its headphones, but that seems to be changing.

Samsung also recently started to cooperate with AERGO and could potentially bring decentralised finance (DeFi) instruments to its existing users. With its wide range of budget phones, samsung could also help spread challenges to different parts of the world where people don't have access to banks.

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