How an 18-year old made $1.7 million from NFT art sales in 2 months

How an 18-year old made $1.7 million from NFT art sales in 2 months
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While many 18-year olds in the United States are still unsure of what they intend to do after high school, an 18-year old ‘FEWOCiOUS’ has already made close to $2 million from selling NFT artworks.The way FEWOCiOUS celebrated his 18th birthday was with a mind-blowing $370,000 in NFT sales.Unable to contain his joy, he took to Instagram—a platform where he has already garnered over 17,800 followers— to share the news with his audience.

Slowing down after a big sale is normal for artists in every industry.FEWOCiOUS’ sales just keep pouring in.Following his birthday sale, he put out another art piece dubbed “the sailor”.Several bidders tore into squabble for the work, including “thegreatmando1” and “yeah yeah.”The latters’ 37.0 ETH offer was dethroned by the formers’ 40.7 ETH offer.The second bidders’ 46.0 Etherums offer would put him ahead of the race, giving him instant ownership.That would add $80,311 to FEWOCiOUS’ pocket.

In the same month, the teenage artist recorded a $700,000 sale, courtesy of a collaborative art piece with a musician.In what way does FEWOCIOUS do it?Doing the same thing he has been doing since he was 12 years old: drawing.

NFTs have become a medium for creators of all kinds to make sales.Earlier this year, Toronto-based artist Krista Kim's zeitgeisty sold an online house for $600,000.Video creators are also making a fortune from NFTs.Today, TikTok stars aren’t just filming viral videos, they are also making money.This was the case for Tik Tok star Nathan Apodaca, who sold his viral Tik Tok video as an NFT for $500,000.

Likewise, the NFT market is booming, as it was for DeFi in 2020.The market is only in its beginning stages and things are about to get even more exciting for creators and much more entertaining for onlookers.


But will the hype die down in the near term?Will NFTs turn out to be worthless and fraudulent in the future like critics predict they will?At the moment, informed guesses from industry players are mostly positive, predicting the future of this million-dollar industry presents itself as an impossible task that should be left to time.

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