Celsius netwok incredible 70$ bonus for this month. Earn interest on your crypto

Celsius netwok incredible 70$ bonus for this month. Earn interest on your crypto
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On Celsius Network, promotions have changed for the better. NEW USERS: if you register using a referral link (I leave you mine here: https://celsiusnetwork.app.link/1557409d91), when you download the app you have to be sure to insert this code as referral 1557409d91

You have to deposit at least $ 200 in crypto and hold them for at least 30 days, you get $ 30 bonus in BTC (before it was 20, now 30!)

Furthermore, if after registration you enter the promo code NEW40, you will get $ 40 in DAI always by depositing $ 200 and holding it for 30 days. Double bonus then!

At the moment, moreover, Celsius Network is the lending platform with the best interests ever, especially on stablecoins, and is among the safest and most transparent (soon they want to introduce the possibility of insuring deposits also from counterparty risk).




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As Bitcoin's Taproot Nears, Ex-CIA Director's Paper Raises Privacy Concerns
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Source: Adobe/wip-studio As a major privacy-related Bitcoin (BTC) upgrade took another step forward, the Cryptoverse is abuzz over a paper written by a former acting director of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). But besides reaching a positive conclusion for BTC, the paper also highlights privacy-related crypto vulnerabilities that remained largely overlooked: BTC can be traced, while