43 Stories To Learn About Coinbase

43 Stories To Learn About Coinbase
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1. Zuckerberg Still Rich Despite Drop in Net Worth

Investors aren't too keen on Zuckerberg's new-found focus on the metaverse, even though the tech entrepreneur is betting his all on the emerging technology.

2. How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously: The Most Secure Ways

This article will tell you how to buy Bitcoin anonymously and at the same time legally, and most importantly, how to keep your data safe.

3. What Happens to Your Cryptocurrency in a Bankruptcy Situation?

Filing for bankruptcy is complicated and sometimes difficult to understand.

4. Basic Reasons Why Should Universities Teach Blockchain to Students

Global governments and regulators slowly and steadily are opening their doors for blockchain technology

5. 5 Best Polygon Wallets For NFTs in 2022

Not many wallets can effectively store MATIC and display NFTS seamlessly, but these 5 can. Find out how.

6. What Is Stopping Institutions From Taking the Path to Liquid Staking

Institutions do have certain reasons for being cautious of the crypto market - but the innovation of liquid staking removes all such concerns.

7. COINBASE Is About to Be Sued By the SEC

Coinbase Lawsuit Incoming!

8. Some Tech Giants Hurt In Wake of Pelosi's Visit to Taiwan

Thousands of people from across the globe tracked Nancy Pelosi's plane ahead of its touchdown in Taiwan, making it one of the most tracked flights of all time.

9. BINANCE VS Coinbase: A Crypto Platform User Analysis

Binance is known for it's cheap fees and many users: Coinbase on the other hand has less US regulations and more security. Find out which platform to use here.

10. Apple Reigns Supreme, More Bad News at Coinbase

Apple Reigns Supreme, More Bad News at Coinbase

11. Weekly Web3 Brand Tracker: Sandbox Fashion Show, Playboy Avatars, and More

?? Playboy announces playable NFT avatars for the Sandbox metaverse. The NFTs are being released to honor the brand’s 69th anniversary.

12. Web3 UX/UI Woes: The Roadblock to Mass Adoption

Crypto newbie's nightmare: how fixing UX/UI hurdles in web3 apps like jargon & complexity can unleash web3's potential for mass adoption!

13. Add a Buy Me a Coffee Button to Your Website With No Code!

Learn how to easily install a button to start accepting cryptocurrency donations on your website using no/low-code solutions from Coinbase Commerce

14. Coinbase #1 for All the Wrong Reasons, Apple Becomes 'Beta'

Coinbase paused hiring earlier this month and rescinded a number of accepted offers.

15. Tech Companies Show Support For Women After Roe v. Wade Overturned

American politics are making international headlines yet again with the latest on Roe v. Wade and gun rights.

16. Interest in Microsoft Wanes 12% While Apple Remains Trendy AF

Interest in Microsoft Wanes 12% while Apple Remains Trendy AF

17. Bridging CeFi and DeFi: Better Risk Management and More Sustainable Wealth Generation

Have you ever staked tokens on a large crypto exchange like Binance or Coinbase?

18. About The Early Days of the Crypto Incubators

As the crypto space has evolved incredibly quickly over the years, we’ve seen an emergence of new projects looking to bring new ideas and innovations to the forefront of society. However, the path to success can be a long and bumpy one, especially with so much competition and a plethora of new market entrants.

19. A Dash Primer - Digital Cash You Can Spend Anywhere

"The Dash Platform has the potential to rule them all." This statement by Dash Product Owner, Dana Alibrandi, hints to the value that the platform provides in the cryptocurrency space. On Thursday, May the 23rd, Blockchain at UCLA hosted Dana Alibrandi for their first event of the spring to about what Dash is, how the platform works, and its potential use cases.

20. Independence! And All the Tech Companies in Between

Independence! And All the Tech Companies in Between: The July 4th Edition of The Tech Company Brief by HackerNoon.

21. Coinbase Innovator’s Dilemma: From Exchange to Broker

This quote from Brian Armstrong holds the clue to an under appreciated threat to Coinbase.

22. If The Coinbase NFT Marketplace is Web3 Instagram, Who is Web3 Facebook?

If Coinbase NFT Marketplace is Web 3 Instagram, who is Web3 Facebook? And what are tech company activity do HackerNoon readers have on their mind?

23. IRS Warning Letters to Early BTC Buyers Illustrate the Utter Disarray of our Current Laws

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released a statement on Friday that an operation targeting those who traded or bought more than $20,000 worth of Bitcoin between the years of 2013 and 2015. A warning letter have been sent, or will be sent, to each individual that are in this list, strongly advising that those who may not have reported taxes properly or even filed at all to amend their taxes as soon as possible.

24. What we call 'DeFi' Today Will Just be Called 'Finance' Tomorrow

This article talks about Bitcoin and its DeFi infrastructure.

25. Mint your NFTs for Nothin' - Get your Crypto for Free

A newbie tale of navigating the world of cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets to get to the holy grail of no-money-down NFTs.

26. How to build a trading platform: things to consider in 2019

27. How Secondary Listings Affect Coin Prices

Purpose of the study: to show how secondary listing changes coin prices.

28. What You Don't Know About Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

With the rising popularity of cryptocurrency, the rise of a new generation of crypto-lovers has also fueled the growth of a new beast: non-fungible tokens.

29. "Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks" - Where To Find this on the Bitcoin Blockchain

"Where can I find the famous title of The Times in Bitcoin blockchain? Is the page saved into the blockchain?"

30. How to Onboard New Users With Coinbase Wallet

Learn how to make onboarding new users to your web3 dapps easier by using Coinbase Wallet, then see how it's done with the included project and code samples.

31. Coinbase Cloud Node & NFT APIs

Building upon his last publication, John Vester dives even deeper into Web3 by leveraging new tech by Coinbase Cloud to create a more functional dapp.

32. How Can New Players Disrupt Crypto Processing Methods?

33. [Announcement] Coinbase Custody Adds Support To Dvision Network (DVI)

The addition of DVI token to Coinbase Custody represents the extensive works that have been put into the project by the Dvison developers.

HackerNoon's unique insights indicates that the public consciousness is aggregately eyeing #5 Intel, #4 Apple, #3 Coinbase, #2 Amazon, & #1 Microsoft this week.

35. The Rising Demand of Institutional Players

The crypto market has been an emotional place over the past year. The fight between greed and fear was clear, and sadly the latter has won so far. However, there are signs that institutional investors are coming back to the scene, which is what many of us want- big money entering crypto.

36. The Augur Approach to Bookmaking on the Blockchain [Analyzed]

Since 2010, the bookmaking market has shifted from a monopoly to a tight-competing place. New players came into this market, thanks to deregulation and the Internet.

37. Should Financial Institutions and Retail Investors Manage their own Cryptocurrency?

Apart from revolutionizing the payment industry, cryptocurrency is destined to make investing available to everyone. In 2017, it was the biggest investment opportunity for retail investors. In 2019, not only is the number of retail investors increasing rapidly, but hedge funds, banks, and large financial institutions are also joining the market.

38. Where Can JJ Richman Possibly Be?

Right now I am trying to get in contact with Jonha. I have a question to ask her. If you know her or perhaps live on the same street or maybe go to the same cafe would you mind asking her to give me a buzz.

In February of this year I interviewed the lovely Jonha Richman.  The article is below – it is a gentle article that spends more time on another podcast – Planet Money – than her story but I liked it well enough.

39. Cryptocurrency Exchange Survey Finds Binance Is Still The King?-?However Various Issues Still Remain

A recent survey carried out by blockchain-based data exchange company Insights Network has revealed that Binance is still the people’s choice in regards to their favorite exchange.

40. What's Inside the Long-Term Plans of the Coinbase Ventures Portfolio?

Coinbase represents one of the world’s most popular digital currency exchanges, but the company is involved in numerous other crypto-related spheres. For instance, it has its very own investment department named Coinbase Ventures.

The goal of Coinbase Ventures is to help create a suitable open financial system. To do this, it provides funding to early-stage startups with promising ideas and dedicated teams. As such, Coinbase Ventures has invested in dozens of innovative projects that are building the future’s financial infrastructure.

This article will highlight Coinbase Venture’s long-term plans by providing readers with an overview of the most promising ventures.

41. Creating a Web3 Application with the Coinbase Wallet SDK

Confused about where to start with Web3? John Vester shows how easy it is to get started using the Coinbase developer tools.

42. What is the Coinbase Effect and is it Worth Relying On

Coinbase is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the USA. It’s called the industry’s unicorn and a leader in mergers and acquisitions with the biggest influence across the USA market. The platform is second only to Binance in terms of trading volume while adhering to the rather old-fashioned policy in the listing procedure, which is why Coinbase supports fewer assets than Binance.

43. Top 50 Crypto Exchanges to Trade Your Cryptocurrencies in 2021

According to data from coinmarketcap.com, there are over 4,900 cryptocurrencies in existence today. They operate in over 20,000 markets, with over 300 registered cryptocurrency exchanges.

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